Maple Syrup Unlocking a Passion

This was what I’ve been looking forward too ever since the thought of college ever entered my mind. A class that I chose to take. A class that I took by my own free will. And by God, I would enjoy it. 

Film really wasn’t something I ever thought I would enjoy. Making videos for classes in high school usually involved a groan and a half-assed attempt a few days before it was due. But, now, we’re actually being taught techniques. How to edit sound, video, and incorporate different elements of our choice. My projects are becoming serious projects with the same group for the entire semester.

Our first project was a photo essay of our choice (Video at the bottom). We were kind of thrown in blind, so we decided to google “Events in East Lansing”. Lo and behold, there was an annual MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL that weekend. Unlimited pancakes for 8$, several things made out of maple syrup and a tour of how it’s made.

Maybe it isn’t the best. But it was sure as hell fun to make! I love the feeling of putting work into something, seeing it come together and thinking “Wow. This is pretty cool. I was actually part of doing this.”

This Saturday, we have an audio project due. We had someone record a Walt Whitman poem and we’re putting audio behind it. The meaning of the poem can so easily be changed with the music. I’m really excited about this one.


I’m truly thinking about finding a filmmaking class on campus to better my skills and continue working with these newly learned skills.


As always,

Go Green


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