MSU Hockey

This past Friday, my boyfriend, my best friend, and I piled into my car and drove from East Lansing to Detroit, where we met my family, to watch the “Dual In The D”. The Spartans and the dreaded Wolverines were meeting for the 3rd time this hockey season at the Joe Louis Arena to battle it out.

I was skeptical. I follow our hockey team, although I don’t have season tickets. We were predicted to do downright amazing and even win the Big Ten Championship…weeellll….I guess all predictions can’t be right can they? We haven’t been doing too hot, and our past two games against UM weren’t fantastic (6-3 and 9-2….both awful losses). So I paid my $9 for the ticket and went in not expecting a win.

Lets talk about this amazing win.

Tensions were pretty high when the two teams were tied after the 3rd period ended. While we waited for overtime to begin, I looked up OT rules for college hockey. 5 on 5 sudden death, and if they’re STILL tied, it went into a shoot out.


We somehow pulled off a goal and won in OT! And the place. went. wild. There are few things more exhilarating and exciting than the crazy explosion of a hockey goal, especially if it’s for you’re team of choice.

And it won’t hurt to say that we beat them in basketball the very next day.

And it also won’t hurt to leave out that the UM hockey team beat us 4-1 the very next day…


Go Green!



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