The Syllabus

Lets talk about how important that little slip of paper you receive during your first class is. It gives you emails you can find online, names you can find online, rules the professor probably will stop enforcing after the first week, and an attendance policy you’ll commit to memory and eventually throw out the window in the middle of the semester. So…what’s so important about this anyways?

Tuesday, I sat in my Popular Literature class that is completely centered around crime and detective stories/novels. We were an hour into this 2 hour lecture and all I could think was “oh my god I can’t feel my butt can anyone else not feel their butt!?” and “wow my professor looks like he could be an evil villain.”  All of a sudden the professor mentions a test on Thursday.

A what?

A test?

What could that possibly be on!?!

The Circular Staircase. One of our assigned books. Well. No one really knew it was assigned. As the class exchanged confused, worried, terrified looks, our professor informed us that it was in our syllabus to start this book. Oops.

As I procrastinate reading the remaining 100 pages of the books, I would like to offer up a valuable lesson (or something to laugh at me for!) to any fellow college students reading this.






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